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Delta is the BEST free Roblox Exploit! No Key Level 7 Execution with a Custom DLL & great Stability and a huge Scripthub with lots of Scripts! Download Now for the best Experience possible

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Delta Android

Delta Android is the #1 free Android Script Executor! Short Key & Level 7 Execution where you can execute PC SCRIPTS & We update it frequently! Enjoy using Delta Android!

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Kiwi X

Working 2022! Kiwi X has a lot to offer! It has Amazing features, HUGE Game Hub, ZERO crashes, Short Key System, Level 7 API Support and Always Improving 🥝

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Other Roblox Exploits

Other Roblox Exploits that work for all games

a panda warrior


Panda has Multi API, Runs Owlhub, a clean UI, Themes, and soon a Custom DLL. It gets updated every week and offers lots features. Definitely worth a try!

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Kiwi V2

Roblox Exploiting taken to the next level. Kiwi V2 offers a New compact User Interface, More Features, High Stability, No Crashes, Short Key System and a High Quality Executor! Download Now! 

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Spectrum is a high quality free Roblox Exploit made by Xerus! Awesome UI, Clean Animations, Multi API & more

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A level 7 Roblox exploit that supports every script! Made by trusted developers. Full Bytecode Conversion!

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Encrypted X

Level 7 Roblox exploit with sleek UI, DarkHub support, 24/7 technical-support and much more! Encrypted X offers great features!

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99% of Delta Exploit users are happy and satisfied with the products here on Delta Exploits.

High Quality

All Roblox Exploits here are high quality Exploits and made by talented developers.


All Roblox Exploits here are made by trusted developers. We can promise you that Delta Exploits is fully safe.

Why does Delta delete itself?

This is a common issue, simply turn your antivirus off in order to proceed.

How do I stop my browser from blocking the file?

Go to downloads (Click "Show all") and click "Allow dangerous file" don't worry, it's a false positive, means it's falsely detected by the firewall.

My Delta shows "The System Cannot Find the File Specified", How do I fix that?

If you get this error, please make sure your antivirus has been disabled, and that you open "DeltaInstaller.exe" instead of "Delta.exe".

When injecting, My Roblox crashes or shows "Unsupported Version", What's the solution?

If Roblox crashes while Injection or shows an "Unsupported Version" alert, The Roblox Exploit is currently patched, this means you may have to wait a few minutes/hours until it's working again.

Can my Roblox account get banned for using Exploits?

Yes, However this is a very rare thing to happen, you'll more likely only get banned from a specific game instead of your whole account being banned. Yet, we still recommend using an alternate account instead of your main.

Do all scripts work for Delta?

Actually no, there are currently no Roblox exploits that support 100% of the scripts. Still, Delta is supporting around 99% of all scripts due to its custom module and UNC Support.

How can I find scripts for Roblox Exploits?

No matter if you're looking for universal, or a specific game script, there are a few options that we would personally recommend, These are: ScriptBlox, RobloxScripts and Deltas own "Scripthub" that's built in already.

Are Roblox Exploits allowed?

It depends on how you mean it. Roblox Exploits are obviously 100% legal but as stated before, Roblox could ban your account even though they didn't do this since late 2020.

It gives me an error when I'm trying to inject, How do I fix that?

Make sure you're using the browser version of Roblox (roblox.com) and not the microsoft store one. If this still doesn't help, check this pastebin out for the instructions.