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Delta is the *BEST* free Exploit! Easy Key & Multi API! Level 7 Execution with a Custom DLL & great Stability and a huge Scripthub with lots of Scripts! Download Now for the best Experience possible

Coming Soon

A new upcoming Exploit, who knows what it will be? Keep your Eyes open to see if something is going to happen here!

Kiwi X

Working 2022! Kiwi X has a lot to offer! It has Amazing features, HUGE Game Hub, ZERO crashes, Short Key System, Level 7 API Support and Always Improving 🥝

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Panda has Multi API, Runs Owlhub, a clean UI, Themes, and soon a Custom DLL. It gets updated every week and offers lots features. Definetly worth a try!

Kiwi V2

Exploiting taken to the next level. Kiwi V2 offers a New compact User Interface, More Features, High Stability, No Crashes, Short Key System and a High Quality Executor! Download Now! 


Spectrum is a high quality free Exploit made by Xerus! Awesome UI, Clean Animations, Multi API & more


A level 7 exploit that supports every script! Made by trusted developers. Full Bytecode Conversion!

Encrypted X

Level 7 exploit with sleek UI, DarkHub support, 24/7 technical-support and much more! Encrypted X offers great features!

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